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To find the desired property is pretty easy. But to find the best our of the many visible and unvisible offers can be challenging. My industry network and long years of experience can come handy. Every buyer should do a proper research on where their money is being invested to. A consultation with me could help you to learn more about the actual market conditions and to avoid unpleasant and time consuming situations.

If you ask for consultation:

  • I review your personal requirements and preferences
  • Give you a detailed introduction to the players on the market, communication channels and tools
  • Summarise the alternatives to meet with your expectations
  • Detail the potential searching strategy.

My services cover almost all aspects of buying a property:

  • Detailed analysis of buyer expectations
  • Explanation of alternatives
  • Searching strategy
  • Market research and industry network activation
  • Rapid reaction, avoiding of bidding-war
  • Filtering to stick to the targeted expectations, avoid overloading of offers, unpleasant compromises
  • I can provide A-Z service from offer to key exchange.
My clients in average have bought their properties after the 4th viewing. I've managed all of these transactions with the least compromise and the highest satisfaction of my clients.

If you think a consultation would be beneficial, please fill below questionnaire to meet you well prepared. Thank you.

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It is really important to learn as much as possible before our face to face meeting. I can be the best prepared if you share as much as you can. This is the basis of our first discussion, whatever the outcome will be.

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To sell is easy. To achieve the best value: great challenge.
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