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Photo and video:

It is extremely important to advertise properties with perfect photos. This requires special knowledge and tools, moreover a professional personnel. Our partner is one of the best for photographies and video recordings with traditional, drone or even 3D walkthrough.

These services are included in our sales management mandate with no extra cost.

If you would like to use these services alone, we can help you with bespoke photo and video packages which meet with your expectations.

Lawyers and notar:

We are approached by our clients with the widest spectrum of cases where only the right legal advice can help. Our legal expert partners are prepared to help in any kind of property related issues, let it be exchange, inheritance, gifting, legal enforcement or any other difficult case. Our legal partners are experts in the field of property, they are experienced and seasoned professionals with long years in the industry.


It is not the easiest task to find reliable and efficient provider for our moving, even if we only need part help. During the moving, there are processes which are best to leave to professionals.

We can protect ourselves from inconvenient situations, save money and time if work with seasoned moving companies.

Our moving partners are available from the smallest to the largest projects.


Our most important aim is to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our service provider partners are carefully selected, based on our personal experiences.

We built the closest partnership with HitelesMegoldasok, a team of financial advisors. Barbi and Gyula are welcoming clients in IP International office since the beginnings.

The main reason we like to work together, is the shared passion to represent the interest of our clients to the highest possible standards.

HitelesMegoldasok is an independent mortgage advisor. By selecting the right package and mortgage provider, you can save time. With their unique discounts they can save even millions for your finances.

Their service is free – you can read more about them at their Facebook page.

Energetics and statics:

From the simplest energy rating certificates to the complex architectural studies and proposal writing, we offer professional service through our expert partners, quick and easy.

You could benefit from our partners services, regardless of selling or buying your property. The peace of mind, clarity of possibilities and expected costs regarding renovation, redecoration or even some minor changes are invaluable.

Home staging:

When you are selling your property, it is extremely important to market it as attractive as possible. Even only a few correction here and there, an idea or a thorough professional cleaning would do way more we can think of. The chances to achieve the desired selling price and to reduce the time on the market can be achieved by exploiting these opportunities.

We can offer two level of services:
MINIMAL HOME STAGING with prompt solution for minor renovations with preparation.
HOME STAGING PRO, where we offer professional project planning and management for renovation, decoration and design.

Our partner has gained experience from the UK and has a track record of excellent rating. With their help you can achieve remarkable results, faster sales and much more smiles.

Home refurbishment:

If you don’t want to spend time with home staging, but would like to show the potential in your property, we offer our 3D virtual design and virtual renovation.

Virtual interior design can be flexibly including the 3D plans, structural renovation, 360 walk-through, all done by using the latest softwares.

Interior design:

With our A-Z interior design service you can save time, money and not least you can harvest the ideas of our professionals, to achieve a home you have always dreamt of.

The service is covering an extreme width of choices and possibilities. Please contact us for more information and to give you a tailored service offer.


If there is an event with your property, the most important is that your insurance to cover the damage or loss entirely and in the shortest possible time.

Our insurance partner, Generali Biztosito Zrt. Is the perfect and most reliable provider for events like this.

Down to earth professionals, simple procedures and bespoke discounts are available from them. Apart from property insurance, they offer all insurance products of car, life, travel and more. One account and your absolute security.

Tax and duties:

Is it a one-off property transaction, or you intend to work your property as a business? You have to be clear with all the taxation and duties, and all the potential discounts and supports. Rentals, lettings, short- and long-term activities, or any other business activities related to your property, you need professional accounting advice. We are at your disposal to connect you with the most suitable expert of their field, upon your request.

Digital planning:

Digital tools of our century allow us to see the required refurbishment, re-design of our property before we execute them. My interior designer partner can work out the details of your dream home or optional ideas for design of the property you are selling.
To sell is easy. To achieve the best value: great challenge.
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