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It might look easy to sell a property, and in some case it is indeed easy, but to achieve the best possible price, makes it challenging. It is extremely important to build a well founded strategy and follow its steps consciously. One of these options is a consultation with me. I might even recommend to sell the property yourself because you will achieve the desired price that way too.

If you ask for consultation:

  • I prepare based on the previously sent information
  • I check the property and discuss your requirements in a face to face meeting
  • I describe a potential seling strategy

My services cover almost all aspects of selling a property:

  • Option research and exposition
  • Property preparation
  • Selling strategy for target groups, messages and communication channels
  • Communication materials
  • Official reports, budget
  • Interested parties filtering
  • Viewing organisation
  • Price negotiations hosting and support
  • Legal, financial, tax and duty preparation
  • Any other special request
I have sold many billion Forint worth of properties in the last years. More than half of my manadates have been sold within 6 weeks!

If you think it is worth a try to consult me, please fill in below form.

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It is really important to learn as much as possible before our face to face meeting. I can be the best prepared if you share as much as you can. This is the basis of our first discussion, whatever the outcome will be.

Please answer the following questions:

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To sell is easy. To achieve the best value: great challenge.
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